Reject the Diet Mentality!

Step 1 to Intuitive Eating is Reject the Diet Mentality.

This means acknowledging that dieting has harmful effects and preparing yourself to listen to your internal body cues rather than external cues from whichever diet you are following. This first step can be a mountain to overcome for those of us who have been dieting on and off for years. We still have a lingering hope that this next will be the one that sticks! For those of you thinking, "there is no way I can trust myself with what and how much I can eat", I am here to tell you once and for all: it’s not you, it’s the diet!

Not only does dieting not work, but it actually has damaging effects on our bodies and minds. When we diet, our bodies adapt to this voluntary “starvation”. Chronic dieting leads to a decrease in metabolism, retaining more fat, an increase risk of heart disease, and an increase binging and craving behaviors- which leads to regaining weight- and then some! And that’s just our bodies. With chronic dieting, our minds are more vulnerable to disordered eating and feelings of inadequacy. Does this sound familiar: “if I only had more willpower! What is wrong with me?!”? It is a vicious cycle that repeats itself until it is broken. Enter: Eating Intuitively!

There is so much to this first step of intuitive eating. The time it takes to Reject the Diet Mentality varies greatly from person to person depending on your history with dieting, if you currently or have a history of disordered eating, and your willingness to change.

Take baby steps. Unfollow those Instagram accounts that post nothing but pictures of super thin models in bathing suits. Delete that Pinterest board full of “healthy recipes” that you have no interest in making because you don’t enjoy those foods. Imagine what it would feel like to eat to what you want when you want.

Reject the Diet Mentality is the first of ten principles to eating intuitively for a reason. It’s so helpful to meet with a professional to help you fully do so and let go of any lingering hope of a "magic weight loss cure". Book a session with me to learn how to start healing your relationship with food.