What is Intuitive Eating?

I just completed Evelyn Tribole’s Intuitive Eating course for professionals and am feeling inspired to share my passion for Intuitive Eating with all of you!

Intuitive Eating has so many definitions to me. Intuitive Eating is....

...a set of 10 principles that help teach people how to have a healthy relationship food.

...an evidence-based approach to health and wellness.

...not only non-diet, its anti-diet.

...a process that teaches people to become the expert of their own bodies- understanding, listening, and responding to it’s cues.

You may be thinking, “But really, is Intuitive Eating the next new diet plan?!” The answer is NO!

As a Registered Dietitian, we are taught in school about this diet and that diet. We then take continuous education courses trying to keep up with the myriad of fad diets out there. It seems like every day we turn on the news, the keto diet or paleo diet or clean eating diet has swept across the country and is helping everyone lose weight, feel better, and be healthy! Until tomorrow, when we’ve gained the weight back, feel bad about ourselves and move onto the next diet craze. Let me tell you: it’s confusing, overwhelming, frustrating, and FUTILE.

This is why I am so thankful for Intuitive Eating. In Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Program That Works, Registered Dietitians Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch dive into the research and show us that not only does dieting not work long term, but that there is something called the Dieting Paradox. The Dieting Paradox shows that as diets/diet commercials have increased over the years, so has the rate of obesity as well as the rate of eating disorders. Scary stuff.

Intuitive Eating teaches us how to trust and listen to our bodies. Forget “only eating from 7 am to 7 pm” or “only green foods” or “eat only this, never that”. Listen to your body. Are you hungry? Eat. Are you full? Stop eating. If you want. If it tastes really good and worth it to you to eat a little more, then eat a little more. It sounds so simple it’s almost silly. But today’s diet culture tells us if we are not on a strict diet, if we’re not a size 0, then we’re not happy. Happiness and true peace with food starts with eating intuitively. The path to eating intuitively is not a linear process but it is a dynamic journey that is so worth it in the end. I plan on sharing the 10 principles of intuitive eating on my blog over the coming weeks. If intuitive eating sounds like something you might be interested in, I strongly encourage you to book a nutrition counseling session with me. You have little to lose, and SO MUCH to gain! (such as eating this fabulous pasta shown below- GUILT FREE!)